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Why do we keep paying too much?

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We blamed the value of the Canadian dollar. Now that it is on par with the American dollar, why are we still paying the same high prices?

Share you experiences, add your complaints, tell us your story and lets work together to stop Canadians from being ripped off.

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Thanks for your previous support

The previous petition was a step in the right direction. Here are some of the highlights:

1. An anonymous person started the petition
2. Oilchange.com, a web design and marketing firm, took over the site to help make it reach its full potential.
3. The list grew from 20,000 people to over 60,000 people in less than a week
4. David McGuinty, MP spoke up and also asked for support of C-555 - the Get Connected Fairly Act.
5. Rogers offered a new data plan. (A small step in the right direction)
6. There was a, first ever, online protest rally.
7. The story is not over we need to still demand fair cellular phone voice and data plans from all the cellular companies.

In addition we had lots of help spreading the word.

8. National TV and Radio picked up the story. We want to thank them for helping with the cause and we will be posting a list of all the media that helped us.
9. We can not forget to thank all the online help we had. Bloggers and many websites posted the story on their sites which got the word out quickly.

We will be posting links to the media and bloggers websites that helped us. Please feel free to send us a list so we can help compile it. It should be up soon.

Again the fight is not over. Its time to force the cellular companies to play lets make a deal.